Success online is becoming more and more about creating content than black hat or white hat magic tricks. Google, in particular, is getting better and better about rewarding websites that have meaningful and useful content.Jason Fladlien

But hasn’t this always been the case? Famous copywriters have always been able to drive business to their wares.

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.
-Thomas Jefferson

One modern day copywriter, who has been atop the results consistently in creating and selling information products is Jason Fladlien.  Jason has:

  • been paid by the article for thousands of articles (this transformed him from a $12 an hour, 350 sq. ft. apartment dweller to six figures in 13 months)
  • made several MILLION (yes 7 figures) from his paid products
  • made as much as $106,000 from something that took him 35 minute to write that was only 1,194 words
  • written video scripts that have generated – from scratch – over $100,000 in less than 48 hours…
  • done webinars that added $152,198.23  into his PayPal account by the end of the webinar…
  • and, most importantly, systematized it.

Jason shares his best copywriting secrets in a short ebook, Content Forever, that is available for immediate download.  Give it a try, and I’m sure it will pay great dividends when put to practice.