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Since I needed a quick way to create a text messaging list this week, I picked up Jason Parker’s Ultimate SMS List Builder Warrior Special Offer (currently under $20 on dimesale for personal use only),  and I wanted to post a quick review.  First, here is an overview of his WordPress plugin:

I found the plugin very easy to install and configure, although the documentation is a little weak, consisting of a single video. Also, the link to the developer website, is merely back to the product sales page on the Warrior Forum. The support link on the sales page is an email, which Jason answers personally, which may be an indication that he’s getting started out in the software arena.

But the quality is great and the plugin works well, meeting my immediate needs. It’s a very simple way to set up a quick notification system within a WordPress website and I’d highly recommend it to anyone needing a quick, simple solution.

Once feature that I’ve already suggested to Jason would be to confirm sign-up on the SMS list to new subscribers.  Currently, when a new user signs up, there is no immediate feedback message, which may leave some wondering if they’ve actually signed up successfully.

There is an upsell (currently under $50) for developer rights, for those needing to deploy the plugin on multiple client sites, or if selling an online property.