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Today Google held a press event to announce new products and developments for Android and Chrome.

Jim Green‘s insight:

This device and app have some really cool features:  

"Once Chromecast is set up, a "cast button" will appear on enabled apps and on your Chrome browser. When watching YouTube on your smartphone, for example, press the cast button to stream a video on your television screen. Chromecast will turn your TV on, if needed, and begin playing the video. It’s important to note that Chromecast does not mirror information from your device, but rather streams data from the cloud, which gives you added capabilities. You control what plays on your TV through the device you have in your hand, including the pause/play functions and volume. You can even create shared TV queues when your friends connect their devices to your home network. Chromecast works with all devices on all platforms, even the iPhone. What’s more, unrelated functions on your device do not interfere with playback on your TV screen, meaning you can still take calls and browse the Web from your phone while using it to control Chromecast."

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